Providing reliable medical care for you and your family can seem like a daunting task, but that’s where access to professional telemedicine services may be the solution to your problem.

For each family that signs up using the visible10 discount code, we will make a monthly donation to Visible Music College.

Access to most telemedicine benefits and behavioral health counseling involves a deductible or co-pay if you’re fortunate enough to have health insurance, or a hefty consultation fee if you don’t. But that’s where 24-7 Telemedicine is different. 24-7 Telemedicine only requires an affordable monthly fee, with $0 consultation fees and no deductibles or co-pays.

With 24-7 Telemedicine, all of the provided services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no additional out-of-pocket expenses for unlimited consultations with board-certified, licensed physicians or master’s level behavioral health counselors. The service provides access by phone, smartphone app, or computer to your choice of English or Spanish speaking doctors, for only $13.50 per month for yourself and up to seven (7) additional family members. There are no additional costs ($0) associated for these services other than the price of filling a prescription if the physician prescribes one*. You are still able to fill any prescriptions at your own pharmacy and take advantage of any Rx savings cards that you may already have. Plus, these services are 100% compatible with all healthcare plans and are available to those without healthcare plans.

24-7 Telemedicine’s services are provided by a 5-star, top rated telemedicine company based in the U.S. Access is provided on a month-to-month basis and requires no long term commitment. Registration is quick and convenient. Just click the link below to sign up now.

Get started now for just $12.15 per month with coupon code “visible10”.

24-7 Telemedicine Saves Time – Online doctor visits are convenient and usually provide almost immediate service.
24-7 Telemedicine Saves Money – Telemedicine can often eliminate the necessity of costly doctor’s office visits / urgent care visits.
24-7 Telemedicine Can Treat Many Common Conditions*

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24-7 Telemedicine Offers:

  • access to your choice of English or Spanish speaking doctors
  • 24/7/365 nationwide access to board-certified, licensed physicians
  • available to residents of all 50 states plus Puerto Rico
  • includes up to seven (7) additional dependents at no extra charge
  • $0 consultation fee for all medical consultations
  • the smartphone app and website are available in both English and Spanish

24-7 Telemedicine Includes Behavioral Health Benefits:

  • masters level counselors with 100% follow up with an original counselor
  • immediate crisis support
  • comprehensive problem assessment and resolution
  • supportive counseling and subsequent sessions
  • custom referrals (if needed) to medical, behavioral health plans

To learn more about Telemedicine Services, click here: FAQ
To learn more about the included Behavioral Health Benefits, click here: FAQ
Obtain Telemedicine Services and Behavioral Health Benefits for one low monthly fee of $13.50 per month for your entire family!

Get started now for just $12.15 per month with coupon code “riti10”.

After order completion please check your inbox for the following two emails:

Day one order confirmation email from OnCall,
1-2 business day(s) email confirmation from service provider.

*Common conditions for which medications may be prescribed include those for allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cold & flu, constipation, diarrhea, rashes, infections, minor wounds, sinus conditions, shingles, heartburn, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, nausea, skin inflammations, sore throat, minor sports injuries, fevers, headaches, joint aches & pains, pink eye (conjunctivitis), minor pediatric ailments, COVID-19, etc.

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