According to USA Today, the average cost of major medical insurance for a family of four is $28,166. For most people, this is unaffordable. Consumers in this country are looking for affordable and immediate access to physicians who provide specific answers to non-emergency medical questions. Telehealth is the key to transforming healthcare by making medical care more accessible and convenient to patients at a lower cost than a doctor’s office visit. Physicians have relied upon telephone consults for decades as a means of connecting with patients. Only recently has this concept been implemented to address and diagnosis acute, routine and minor illnesses over the phone.

Most Telemedicine and/or Behavioral Health access involves a consultation fee/deductible/co-pay. The services you can sign up for are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a $0 consultation fee/deductible/co-pay​ for both Telemedicine and Behavioral Health.


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